Bulk & Gift Orders


A great way to give your employees, vendors, teammates, volunteers or others a boost... is to make an impact by getting them their own Boost Box!

We've made it simple to make it happen using a method which suites your needs.

Contact our team at support@boostboxusa.com or use the contact form below to set up your next bulk or gift package order. It’s the best way to ensure that your loved ones, employees, vendors, or nonprofit gets the boost they deserve.


At Boost Box, we take pride in bringing you creatively curated snack gift packages at a convenient, affordable price. There are a few ways of we can make the process of receiving your snack box gifts in a most convenient way:

    • Send us an address list of recipients: Provide us a filled-in, pre-formatted template (we provide), with name, address and any optional details and we will make the rest happen! We take care of all handling to ensure your team, employees, volunteer help or whomever has deserved your recognition, receives our carefully-crafted snack boxes in quick order.

    • Redemption Claim Codes: Free up your precious time by providing a one-time, individual Redemption Claim Code. A great way for use in individual ordering a delicious snack box of your recipients choice. Your recipient inputs their own personal shipping information and selects a box from our website for delivery right away! Contact us for getting your unique codes generated which can be provided very quickly. This method is a very easy, rapid way of getting a snack box into your recipients' hands at their convenience!

    • Send All to One Address: With Boost Box, you have the ability to customize your bulk gift package order. You can purchase various Boost Boxes within your bulk order and benefit from making a large purchase, while still accounting for your recipients' preferences. This is great method for receiving at one time or event where you can add your own personal presentation and experience the joy together!

If you've realized you need a plan for your special event or recognition occasion, we have a method we can work with you to meet given needs and ensure your piece of mind.

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